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Sam Mahoney (Ishfaq)
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Sam Mahoney (Ishfaq) Miles injects so much soul into his music that whatever he does always resonates with me. This is no exception, love the rawness. Favorite track: Love Is So Many Ways.
Dries De Roeck
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Dries De Roeck I totally enjoy the combination of the 'honest & pure' miles bonny sound together with an electronic influence Favorite track: Love Is So Many Ways.
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Bonikowski x Miles Bonny, inspired by my current new life in the high desert. I did all music. Bonikowski is a moniker for my newer electronic beats sounds, derived from my grandfather's real last name, Bonikowski.
Once in USA he changed it to Bonny. Recorded with Solar Power.

Most of the money goes to me, so donate what you feel this is worth to you. enjoy


released July 23, 2014

everything by bonikowski / bonny




MILES BONNY Tres Piedras, New Mexico

New Music for Old Souls.


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Track Name: New Age of Healing Humanity
You know me as a nice guy
always sing those love songs
but what happens when life gets rough
dont get along
ive got to find out what will happen next
before i get mad and start to break some

separation, car crash, car gone, money tight
long term vision needed now

I never sang when i was mad before
long term vision needed now

never thought that this would end
and as i see my life begin again i know how
the future is right in front of my eyes
and i no longer have to wear my disguise

this dance right here , it's for the real us
i welcome you to be more of you
time to change it up
getting on the good foot now

shout out to Bootsy Collins

for real yall, do you, the you you are even scared of

the age of healing humanity has already begun

but you have to love yourself to love others
Track Name: Love Is So Many Ways
I've seen some bad days
but nothing can stop
the way you smile at me
that sunshine that topples me down
then takes my hand
on past the clouds

beyond the sky
there will be be only you and i
and the paths that exist beyond our minds
dark matters of space and time

we may never know
but still we go on and on
im looking for the next life's high

love is so many ways
but never before did i see this pretty face
and the feeling that her touch brings
what else is there for me to say
i might as well just sing

la la laaaaaaaaa etc
Track Name: She Was Design
She was Design centuries ago
where she comes from we will never know